Shops and such.

Stl files created by the StepBastard that are available for sale can be found at Cults3D. You can find our materials with the following link.

When we print our designs, they will mainly be sold in person. Since we expect to have some inventory available to sell online, we will be doing that though our Etsy outlet.

Once you get addicted to the insanity that the StepBastard brings to the this world, you are going to need gear from the StepBastard Pro Shop. Hell even if you only insanity abuse and aren’t addicted you may need it. So we provide.

Some of my artwork is posted at Fine Art America. I haven’t had much luck with their model. If you support it I may increase my presence there. Also, I I post a piece and you would like to have it printed I can set it up there as well.

Here is a link to my first tee shirt shop, it is still up and running. Check out the designs there.

To support myself as an artist, I have also entered into affiliate relationships with the following companies. If you make purchases through the following links, those companies will pay me a commission for that sale. I thank you for your support.
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