Akuma to Notatakai (roughly translated "fighting demons") colored pencil on bristol Samurai fighting and Oni In front of a temple during cherry trees blossoming

This one is admittedly not a great piece. I also want to note that I don’t use color pencils other than as sketching and planning devices, and seldom then. But that is probably clear by looking at the drawing.

The main purpose of this one was to practice drawing realistic battle or fighting scenes for a project I was considering…and abandoned in my world of best intentions. The main purpose of posting it is to draw a little attention to Yokai…. the demon fighting the Samurai in the image is a Yokai known as an Oni. I want to draw attention to them, because tomorrow I will be releasing a new 3d model of a Yokai known as a Shirime….but more on that tomorrow.

For now, here is a synthetic haiku about a Samurai fighting an Oni.

Under the Cherry Blossoms: The Battle of Blue Armor and Oni

Beneath blossoms’ fall,
Samurai in blue armor,
Sword gleams in moon’s light.

Temple bells echo,
Through the night, calling courage,
Cherry blooms whisper.

Oni roars in rage,
Eyes aflame with ancient hate,
Claws like twisted steel.

Warrior stands firm,
Hand on katana’s smooth hilt,
Breath steady and calm.

Petals dance on wind,
Silent witnesses to war,
Fragrant battlefield.

Blades clash, sparks fly high,
Steel on steel, fierce harmony,
Night alive with sound.

Oni’s great sword swings,
Cleaving air with deadly force,
Warrior parries.

Strength meets skill with fire,
Oni’s might, samurai’s grace,
Both dance on death’s edge.

Feet weave through blossoms,
Graceful as crane’s feathered flight,
Warrior strikes true.

Oni’s laughter booms,
Mocking the samurai’s skill,
Confidence unshaken.

Flames of crimson eyes,
Burn with hatred’s ancient flame,
Oni’s strength untamed.

Strike, parry, counter,
Endless rhythm of the fight,
Moon hides behind clouds.

Petals turn to blood,
Ground painted with warriors’ pain,
Echoes of their clash.

In a fleeting pause,
Samurai’s grip tightens firm,
Heartbeat stills the world.

Katana meets air,
Oni’s sword, a shadow’s blur,
Breath catches mid-strike.

Samurai stumbles,
Katana falls from his grasp,
Cherry blossoms sigh.

Oni’s eyes gleam bright,
Victory within his reach,
Sword raised for death’s kiss.

Samurai kneels low,
Hand finds the short blade, hidden,
Tanto whispers death.

Oni’s roar, defiant,
Sword descends with fury’s might,
Time slows to stillness.

In one swift motion,
Tanto pierces midsection,
Oni’s breath falters.

Great sword falls away,
Clatters on the temple steps,
Oni’s eyes dim, fade.

Silence claims the night,
Cherry blossoms fall like tears,
Battle’s end declared.

Warrior rises slow,
Armor stained with victory,
Honor binds his wounds.

Beneath blossoms’ fall,
Samurai in blue armor,
Stands as dawn’s light breaks.

Temple bells ring clear,
Victory and peace resound,
Cherry blooms whisper.

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