Interdependence 4 In four parts. Four panel oil painting exploring interdependence and the cycles of the four seasons as a binding philospohy through color and geometry

This will complete my effort to put this series up in as disorderly way as possible. Maybe next week I will behave like a normal human and make a cohesive post with links to all four. Or maybe not.

This oil painting is four 20×24 panels.

I dumped a bunch of my thoughts on this subject and this series of paintings into the computer to see what it would spit back out. While it is as clumsy as every other cpu thought, it did order the thoughts in a way worthy of reflection if not direct adoption.

Interdependence and the Cycles of the Four Seasons

The concept of interdependence and the cycles of the four seasons provides a profound metaphor for understanding life’s journey. Each season symbolizes different stages and aspects of life, reflecting the interconnectedness of all things and the continuous flow of change and renewal. By contemplating these cycles, we can gain insights into our existence, our relationships, and our place in the natural world.

Winter (White)

Winter symbolizes rest, reflection, and the dormant phase of life. It is a time of stillness and introspection, where the earth rests and prepares for the rebirth of spring. In life, winter represents moments of pause and contemplation, where we reflect on our experiences and gather strength for the future.

Spring (Blue)

Spring represents rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. It is a time of growth and transformation, as nature awakens from its slumber and life begins to flourish. In human life, spring symbolizes new opportunities, fresh starts, and the blossoming of ideas and projects.

Summer (Yellow)

Summer is a season of abundance, energy, and vitality. It represents the peak of growth and the fullness of life, where everything is in full bloom. Summer in our lives signifies moments of joy, achievement, and the realization of our efforts and potential.

Fall (Red)

Fall embodies change, maturity, and harvest. It is a time of transition, where nature sheds its leaves and prepares for the cycle to begin anew. In life, fall represents the culmination of our efforts, the wisdom gained from experience, and the acceptance of change as an integral part of our journey.

Interplay and Interdependence

The seasons are not isolated but interconnected, each one flowing seamlessly into the next. This continuous cycle highlights the interdependence of all stages of life. Just as winter’s rest prepares the way for spring’s growth, each phase of our life builds upon the previous one, creating a tapestry of experiences that shape who we are.

Symbolism Through a Colorful Geometric Painting

Central Element: The Black Spiral

In the center of the painting, a black spiral represents life. The spiral is a universal symbol of growth, change, and the journey of life. It starts small and expands outward, illustrating how our experiences and knowledge grow over time. The black color signifies the unknown, the potential, and the mystery of life.

Seasonal Colors and Geometric Shapes

  • Winter (White): Represented by geometric shapes like triangles or hexagons, symbolizing stability and rest. White blends into blue at the edges, indicating the transition to spring.
  • Spring (Blue): Illustrated with circles or ovals, symbolizing rebirth and continuity. Blue blends into yellow, showing the gradual shift to summer.
  • Summer (Yellow): Depicted with vibrant, dynamic shapes like stars or rays, symbolizing energy and vitality. Yellow merges into red, leading into fall.
  • Fall (Red): Represented by shapes like leaves or crescents, symbolizing change and maturity. Red blends back into white, completing the cycle and indicating the return to winter.

Interplay of Colors

At the boundaries of each season, the colors blend together, creating gradients that show the fluid transition from one phase to another. These blended areas symbolize the interplay and interdependence of the seasons, highlighting that each phase of life influences and is influenced by the others.


By contemplating the cycles of the four seasons and their interdependence, we gain a deeper understanding of life’s ebb and flow. A colorful geometric painting with a black spiral at its center, surrounded by the seasonal colors blending into each other, beautifully illustrates this life philosophy. It reminds us that life is a continuous journey of growth, change, and renewal, where each phase is interconnected and essential to the whole. Embracing this philosophy can help us navigate our own lives with greater awareness, acceptance, and appreciation for the beauty of the ever-changing natural world.

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