This Brush pen drawing is done on paper and was a lot of fun to do. Some more fun is this description of a Drider.

In the shadowy depths of the Underdark, where darkness reigns supreme and the whispers of ancient evils echo through the cavernous halls, one might chance upon a creature of nightmare and legend: the Drider.

A Drider is a terrifying fusion of drow elf and spider, a twisted abomination born from the dark magic of the Underdark’s most malevolent forces. Once a proud drow warrior or priestess, now cursed for their sins or blasphemies against their dark deities, they are transformed into half-spider monstrosities as punishment for their transgressions.

At first glance, a Drider appears as a grotesque amalgamation of spider and elf. From the waist up, they retain the lithe and graceful form of their drow heritage, with sharp features, pointed ears, and glowing eyes that betray a cunning intellect. But from the waist down, their body transforms into that of a massive arachnid, with multiple hairy legs that skitter and scuttle across the ground with unnerving speed and agility.

The mere sight of a Drider strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest adventurers, for they are not only formidable in appearance but also in combat prowess. Blessed with the strength and agility of a spider and the dark magic of their drow ancestry, Driders are formidable adversaries capable of weaving intricate spells and unleashing deadly venomous attacks with their fangs.

In the depths of the Underdark, Driders are often found lurking in the shadows, leading packs of lesser creatures or guarding sacred sites and forbidden tombs. Some serve as agents of the drow matriarchs, carrying out their dark bidding with ruthless efficiency, while others embrace their newfound power and carve out domains of their own, ruling over tribes of spiderkin and other foul creatures.

Encountering a Drider is a harrowing experience, for they are cunning and ruthless predators who will stop at nothing to protect their territory or further their own dark ambitions. Only the most skilled and courageous adventurers dare to challenge these nightmarish creatures, for to face a Drider is to face the wrath of the Underdark itself.

In the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, the Drider stands as a symbol of the darkest depths of the Underdark, a reminder of the horrors that lurk in the shadows and the price one pays for delving too deeply into the forbidden mysteries of the world. To confront a Drider is to face one’s greatest fears and to test one’s mettle against the ultimate embodiment of darkness and despair.

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