The Rabbit 3d print hand painted front on stepbastard display disk

Of all the days I post things on the various websites I publish, my favorites are when I get to put up new art. Today is no exception.

The Rabbit 3d print hand painted and clean print 2

The 3d Model of The Rabbit is based on my own drawing, from deep in the recesses of my nightmare mind. Don’t get me wrong. I did not invent the anthropomorphized rabbit. I certainly was not the first to make him a stabby psychopath. Hell, I was not even the first one to make him look extra creepy and rapey. But I had not run across any of that until long after the drawing came pouring out of me.


I just wanted to take something cute and show it for the monster that it probably was.


Its has been my experience that the cute little things you care about are the most savage creatures you will ever face. Sure they wont always be murderous or aggressively amorous like this one, but they will be the ones you better be careful around.

But enough about my disappoint in humans and personal pain.

Lets get to the art!

This model is printed at 70 mm high and as always it is available as an STL file, as a 3d print with supports still attached, as a clean 3d print, and as a hand painted ready to display model.

The Rabbit 3d print front with supports
The Rabbit 3d print front with supports
The Rabbit STL file image
The Rabbit STL file image
The Rabbit 3d print front hand painted
The Rabbit 3d print front hand painted
The Rabbit 3dprint front
The Rabbit 3dprint front

Here is some background on Anthropomorphized Rabbits.

Anthropomorphized rabbits

in art have a rich and diverse history, often serving as symbols of innocence, fertility, trickery, and even social commentary. From ancient mythologies to contemporary illustrations and animations, rabbits depicted with human characteristics have captivated audiences across cultures.

In classical mythology, rabbits are often associated with fertility and rebirth due to their prolific breeding habits. This symbolism carries into art, where anthropomorphized rabbits may be depicted as nurturing mothers or playful companions, embodying themes of renewal and abundance.

The Rabbit 3d print hand painted and clean print 1

During the medieval period in Europe, rabbits appeared in manuscripts and bestiaries as allegorical figures. They sometimes took on human attributes to convey moral lessons or satirical commentary on human behavior.

In modern times, anthropomorphized rabbits have become prominent in literature, children’s stories, and visual arts. Characters like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit or Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” are iconic examples. These portrayals often blend human traits with rabbit features to explore themes of curiosity, adventure, and the whimsical nature of imagination.

The Rabbit 3d print side one hand painted
The Rabbit 3d print rear view hand painted
The Rabbit 3d print side two hand painted

In contemporary art and popular culture, anthropomorphized rabbits continue to be a source of inspiration. They appear in cartoons, comics, and animated films, where their human-like qualities serve to entertain, evoke empathy, and sometimes critique societal norms or human flaws.

Overall, anthropomorphized rabbits in art offer a playful and versatile canvas for artists to explore themes ranging from innocence and wonder to deeper reflections on human nature and society. Their enduring presence in art underscores their universal appeal and the enduring power of blending the familiar with the fantastical.

One guy in particular took the idea to the point of cosplaying it….except legend has it he wasn’t playing. So here is some background on…

The Bunnyman!


The Bunnyman legend originates from incidents reported in Fairfax County, Virginia, particularly around the Colchester Overpass (also known as Bunnyman Bridge). The tale centers on a figure dressed in a bunny costume who purportedly terrorizes locals with a hatchet or axe. The first known sighting dates back to 1970, when a couple claimed to have seen a man in a bunny suit threatening them near the bridge. According to the legend, the Bunnyman is said to have escaped from a nearby mental institution, engaging in acts of vandalism and threatening behavior. Further sightings and tales of the Bunnyman emerged, often around Halloween, adding to the mythos and local lore. While the true origins and veracity of the Bunnyman remain unclear, the story has persisted through urban legend and continues to intrigue and spook residents and visitors alike.

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