This is the largest piece I have done to date. A 4 foot by 4 foot oil painting inspired by several overlapping concepts.

The first being the concept of four seasons, and how all things cycle through those seasons. Spring is represented by blue is the period of birth and early growth. Summer represented by yellow is the period of late growth and work. Fall is represented by red and is the period of harvest. White is representative of winter and is the period of decline and death. The black line is meant to loosely map a life moving through the cycle.

The second is the Fibonacci spiral. Mathematically and esthetically beautiful. It is frequently associated with spirituality and growth. I think it fits nicely with the them.

The last being the four men. The four major races being selected with intent. Symbolizing the fact that we all go through the same cycles. Size and placement were random, but meant to illustrate how each person moves through all stages of the cycle and no one holds power or a place of weakness permanently. The Vitruvian Man pose was used to illustrate and reinforce the commonality of each.

I spent about a year exploring this four season concept artistically, and comparing it to philosophies and religions around the world. In some ways it was idealistically late formative for me personally, and did a lot to help me understand my place in the world.

Now that I am thinking on that, I may spend some time exploring it again.

4×4 Oil painting on Canvas

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