It will be alright. gouache painting 12x18 God with hammer behind back ready to kill man kneeling and begging for help

This is another recent painting. Completed on February 14th, strangely enough it had nothing to do with Valentines day.

Mostly I had a lot of emotions overwhelming me at the time and I had recently looked for some mental health help. As is the norm when someone tries to get help in that space in America, it was not very forth coming, and most of where I turned felt like the best I could hope for was to be put out of my misery. Not because that was an attractive option….but because that is all that is ever offered.

At best you can get drugged a little and hope that doesn’t completely erase who and what you are. Counseling and therapy help…but anyone going down that road knows its main value is having a neutral third party to air your shit out with.

Fortunately, I have art as well, so I can dump it all on you guys. I hope none of you have to feel this painting, but if you do…I want you to see it and know you are not alone.

“It will be alright” Gouache on 140 lb watercolor paper. 12×18

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