When I started working on 3D modelling, I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to create. Most of them were practical, and I told myself it would not be as much of an art project as it would be a design and manufacturing one.

Turns out, one of the ways I am a true StepBastard is that I lie. Especially to myself.

I am and will be available to create and make whatever you need that is within my scope of skills. That said, making these models of cryptids, creatures, and other creepy critters (which is the title of my upcoming coloring book about the same things) is one of the most fun creative things I have ever done. So you can expect a lot more of it.

Hodag 3D print Painted front view
Hodag 3D print Painted side 2 view

Order your hand painted Hodag model here

Hodag 3D print Painted rear view

Today, we are introducing the Hodag. Printed as a 1/36 model (which is my standard size for cryptids), Hodag is available as a downloadable STL file, as a 3D print with supports attached, as a bare 3D print, and as a finished and hand painted model.

Download your Hodag STL file here

For those of you not familiar with Hodag, I will start with a disclosure. Hodag is not a true Cryptid. We know for a fact that they only exist as folklore and as the town mascot of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. We know this, because their creator (Eugene Shepard) admitted as much after duping folks into paying to see the one he allegedly captured and presented at the Oneida County Fair in 1893.

Order your 3D Printed Hodag model here

That said, Mr. Shepard created one of the most endearing and enduring humbugs in the modern age. PT Barnum himself would have been proud.

Order your 3D Printed Hodag model w/supports here

As you can see from the photos, Hodag is a hodgepodge of different animals. Shaped like a lizard, muscled and furry like a bear, with the large horned head of a buffalo, teeth like a saber tooth, and a spiked (or with stinger) tail; the Hodag is basically a bunch of fur with pointy things all over.

Its very cuddly, of you don’t mind the pokeys.

Hodag 3D Printed unpainted painted and with supports attached

Unveil the mystery of Wisconsin folklore with our meticulously crafted 1/36 scale 3D model of the legendary Hodag! Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, this model brings the enigmatic creature to life with stunning detail. Choose your preferred version:

  • 3D Print with Supports Attached: Ready for you to finish and customize.
  • 3D Print without Supports: Clean and polished, ready for display.
  • Painted Model: Expertly painted to capture the Hodag’s fearsome appearance.
  • STL File Download: For those who prefer to print and paint their own masterpiece.

Add a piece of mythical history to your collection today!

Download your STL file hereOrder your model here

If you want to become part of Hodag culture, they have an annual festival in Rhinelander mid July. This year it is the weekend of July 11th. Or you can take the easy way out and buy my sculpture.

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